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What is a wedding reception without the tossing of the bouquet and the wedding garter?

All of the single men and women join in on the excitement of the possibility of catching the garter, or the bouquet, when they are tossed by the bride and groom.
The garter is worn by the bride underneath her wedding dress. It is usually placed securely on the bride’s upper thigh area. Depending on how the bride and groom choose to play the part, the groom will wither remove the garter from the bride’s thigh or, will have an extra garter available to perform the traditional toss.

The tossing of the wedding garter started many centuries ago At that time it was believed to be good luck if a wedding guest was chosen to receive a piece of the bride or groom’s clothing. And, more often than not, it was the bride’s attire that guests seemed to prefer. Because of this, the brides wedding gowns would end up being destroyed, torn to shreds, just because of the guest’s desire to be blessed with good luck. Finally, someone decided that instead of having the expensive wedding gowns be ruined, it would be a better idea to toss the garter into the crowd. This decision saved the precious wedding gowns while still satisfying the desire for those who wanted to be blessed with good luck.

While the tradition of tossing the garter retrieved from the bride’s thigh is still played out, the process is a bit calmer than it used to be. Now it seems that it is quite common for the bride to have on two separate garters. One of the garters is meant for tossing to the single men and the other, the main garter, is meant to be a keepsake for the bride and groom. Usually the thrown garter is an inexpensive one that can be purchased in any retail store while the keepsake garter is made of quality material and has a much higher price tag.

When it comes to choosing a garter, it is all a matter of the personal preference of the bride and groom. They may decide to choose a garter that coordinates with their wedding colors, or they can opt for a simple garter in white, black, or a variety of other colors. Generally the thrown garter will be a simple one without and fancy laces and bows and the keepsake garter will be embellished with rings, crystals, ribbons, or it personalization.

The tossing of the wedding garter will always be a tradition. The groom enjoys removing the garter and sending it flying through the air to one of his single buddies. The bride also has a tradition to enjoy and that is the throwing of a bouquet. It is said that whoever catches the bouquet is destined to be married.
And let’s not forget about what takes place after the garter and the bouquet have been caught. This is when the catcher of the garter will place it on the leg of the catcher of the bouquet. This wedding tradition is a fun part of the reception that always receives a laugh or two.

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