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Sensible Weddings: How to Stay Married Contest!

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Our contest has ended. Thanks to all who entered.

  • First Place Winner: Courtney Passmore, California
  • Second Place Winner: Kris Bigalk, Minnesota
  • Third Place Winner: Kelly Hosking, Florida
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      Contestants responded to these questions:

    Naturally, these situations haven't happened in your relationship but if they happened to you
    What would you do?
    •  When you are right! And your partner is wrong -again!
    •  When you are weary of saying,"Yes, dear."
    •  When your partner's father, sister, or cousin is the most annoying person in the world.
    •  When your partner's proposal is not romantic enough. Can you plead for a do-over?
    •  When you want wedding accessories or bridal jewelry to ensure you have the perfect wedding day.
      Courtney Passmore, California, writes:

    Essay: In a relationship, the words "right" and "wrong" are not nearly
    as important as "listening" and "compromise". Though I of course have
    never been flat out "wrong" *wink* there have been numerous times when
    I have been less "right" than my partner.

    It is absolutely imperative to remember that you and your partner may
    have differing views and opinions on a variety of topics and viewing
    these differences as refreshing opportunities for growth is much healthier
    than constantly vying for the winning answer. Try to put your ego
    away, listen to what he/she has to say on a topic and then share your own
    opinion in a calm and articulate manner. Oftentimes you will find that
    "right" is somewhere in the middle of where you both originally stood
    on the issue.

    When feeling weary of saying, "yes dear," take a deep breath, think
    about what you really want to say, and pick something engaging that will
    push you conversation into an interesting direction. For example, you
    husband asks you to iron his shirt, your typical response would be "yes
    dear," but instead try saying, "Honey, won't you look marvelous in your
    crisp dress shirt! Is there something exciting going on at work
    today?" This gives him an opportunity to share with you and shows that you
    have an active interest in his daily activities. Men love ego stroking!

    No matter how annoying your husband's family member may be, you have to
    remember that as much as you would expect love and support from your
    spouse, his other relatives should be able to expect the same. It is
    unkind to attack or complain about the people he has been raised with and
    has been taught to defend and protect. Simply bite your tongue, put on
    a smile and remember that while you may love to complain about your
    nagging mother, if someone else criticized her, you'd be the first to jump
    to her defense. Family is about tolerance and camaraderie and if you
    want a truly happy marriage, you must embrace his family as your own.

    As the saying goes, "all the world is a stage," however in real life we
    cannot script even our most anticipated moments. No matter how he
    plays it off, chances are your guy sweated over how to propose to you.
    Sure, it may not have been perfect, rose petals may not have fallen from
    the ceiling and poetry may not have spewed from his lips, but he did the
    best he could. Try to play up the positive attributes of the proposal
    in hopes that he grows into a romantic husband. Criticizing his
    attempt will only make him feel insecure. Instead try planning an
    ultra-romantic wedding where we can learn by example from the pro, you!

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    gifts for your attendants and accessories galore, you can hit it all with
    their one stop shopping and still have money left for a manicure to
    show off your gorgeous gems! If you want to go the sentimental route, try
    borrowing something from your mother, sister, aunt or grandmother.
    This will make you feel like a princess and meet your "something borrowed"
    criteria! Doesn't it feel great to be a multi-tasker?!


    Kris Bigalk, Minnesota, writes:

    * When you are right! And your partner is wrong -again! I would ask myself why
    it was so important to me to be right all of the time, and why I was focusing so
    much on competing with my spouse instead of just enjoying who he was as a
    person. As a possible solution, I would try to focus our conversations not on
    right/wrong kinds of issues, but on subjects we agree on and can work together
    on without competing or feeling that we need to be right or wrong.

    * When you are weary of saying,"Yes, dear." I would ask myself why I wasn't
    taking more of an initiative in the relationship. A person who is saying "Yes, Dear,"
    is the kind of person who is either welcoming or allowing someone else to make
    all the decisions and do all of the thinking, which isn't fair to either person.
    I would definitely sit down with that person and discuss how we could split
    decision-making, chores, or whatever the issues are to be more fair to both

    * When your partner's father, sister, or cousin is the most annoying person in
    the world. Annoying is in the eye of the beholder, so I would try to figure out what it
    was about this person that I couldn't tolerate, and why I had such a problem with it.
    Most behaviors, unless abusive, can be overlooked when they occur in the people
    your spouse loves. My family isn't perfect either, but I appreciate it that my fiance
    interacts with everyone and tries to forge close relationships with the people I'm
    close to.

    * When your partner's proposal is not romantic enough. Can you plead for a
    ; do-over? If the proposal wasn't to your liking, don't accept it. There's no
    guarantee of a do-over, but at least you won't be bringing up the lackluster
    proposal for the next 50 years of your marriage. I think that the proposal itself,
    even if it's just a simple, "Marry me?" over a cup of coffee, is romantic enough if
    you're with the right person.

    * When you want wedding accessories or bridal jewelry to ensure you have the perfect
    wedding day. I would visit sensibleweddings.com, of course!


    Kelly Hosking, Florida, writes:

    Essay: 1. When I am right and my partner is wrong (again) I simply stay
    calm and try to explain my side of the situation. He doesn't always
    understand, but if I've done a good job in expressing the way I feel,
    then sometimes I'll just let it go so he can think he's right.

    2. I don't really say "yes, dear". I am opinionated and he knows that.
    We're both kind of that way and I think that's why we're with each
    other. He knows I can stand up for myself and vice versa which why I think
    we love each other so much.

    3. When there's an annoying relative, I just deal with it. I don't
    want to marry them, I want to marry him. I always grin and bear it.

    4. I would never plead for a do-over. Just because I didn't think the
    proposal was romantic enough doesn't mean he didn't think so. If it was
    the best he could do and put everything he had into it, then who can
    ask for more?

    5. Shop, shop, shop! I want to look fabulous on my wedding day. I
    would definitely find exactly what I wanted to wear before making any
    decisions on accessories.

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