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During the actual wedding ceremony, a unity candle may be used to symbolize the unity of the two families becoming one. While this is a new tradition to most wedding ceremonies, the importance of the unity candle is strong.

The unity candle is lighted by the bride and groom usually after the vows are said. However, the unity candle lighting can take place wherever in the ceremony that the bride and groom see fit. In addition to the unity candle, there are two taper candles and a representative of each family comes to light each one of these taper candles. While this job is usually delegated to the mother of both the bride and groom, a father or grandparent of each side may be chosen. In the end, this is something that will be delegated by the bride and the groom.

The lighting of the taper candles has strong meaning. The member of the bride’s family and the groom’s family is lighting the taper candle to signify their love. When the bride and groom both take one of these taper candles, they are uniting the love from both families and carrying it into their own life and love for one another, thus bringing the families together and uniting them.

After the unity candle is lit, what is done with the taper candles is left up solely to both the bride and groom. They may choose to extinguish the candles or they may choose to keep them lit along with the unity candle. Whatever is chosen will be symbolic of the bride’s and groom’s feelings towards the unity candle.

When it comes to the styling of the unity candle, it essentially comes down to personal preference. The unity candle is traditionally a white candle that has some sort of personalization on it, whether it is the first names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date, or a short little poem that mentions the uniting of the two families.

When choosing a candle, it is important that you check for pricing when it comes to personalization as well as any delay having personalization done will take. This makes sure that you will have your unity candle on time and ready for your ceremony. Sensible Weddings provides free personalization for many of our unity candles as well.
There are also different types of candles. While many people prefer the traditional white unity candles, there is also a new type of unity candle, called the floating unity candle. Basically it is a clear glass vase that has a floating candle on top. This is becoming a popular unity candle style because it allows the newlyweds to use this vase and candle as part of their home décor, blending in perfectly with any home styling and allowing the bride and groom to cherish their wedding day for years to come.

Whatever type of unity candle that you are searching for, you can be sure that Sensible Weddings will fill all of your unity candle needs, including free personalization.



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