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It is a tradition for the bride to purchase bridesmaid jewelry as gifts for her bridal party. The bride will present the gifts to her bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner or on the day of the wedding.

Bridesmaid jewelry gifts can be a full set consisting of anything a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet or a single piece of jewelry. Typically the bridesmaid jewelry will compliment the color of their dresses.

When the bride makes purchases the bridesmaid jewelry gifts it doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful task. She may want to consider a few of these suggestions:
The bride must stick to her budget – some brides choose several friends to be bridesmaids which mean she has a lot of jewelry to buy. And even though she would love to purchase the most expensive options she will have to choose jewelry that stays within her budget. There are many brands of jewelry on the market that are made of quality materials but remain affordable. The bride should consider simple, yet elegant jewelry that is made of sterling silver or gold plated material. Many jewelry retailers will offer the bride a package deal for the special occasion.

The bride will need to find bridesmaid jewelry that compliments the dresses she chose. Her jewelry choice can be something very simple that includes a stone in her color preference. The bride may want o bring a swatch of material with her so she can choose the proper stone.

Although a single piece of jewelry is appropriate, the bride really should consider purchasing matching earrings for the chosen necklace. The choice is up to her but the bridesmaids will look even more stunning if they are all wearing the same style of jewelry.

The bride may also consider purchasing bridesmaid jewelry that compliments the theme (if there is one) of the wedding. If the flowers will be roses then she can purchase rose-shaped earrings. If the bride and groom are having a traditional wedding then the bride might consider a simple chain with dangle earrings. Matching the jewelry to the theme of the wedding is only an option.

The bride should be aware of what types of jewelry can be worn by her bridesmaids. If they are short then she needs to make sure the necklace fits them properly. If they do not have pierced ears then she will need to choose a style of earring that comes in a clip. It may be plausible for the bride to select a basic style that will compliment each of the girls’ features. This decision can be made a bit easier if the bridal party got together for a shopping day.

The bride may decide that keeping the jewelry selection as simple as possible will make the purchase less stressful. Presenting the bridesmaids with functional jewelry will allow them to wear it for years to come.

And finally, the bride should know the stores return policy just in case. Anything could happen. The jewelry might not fit, it could break, or the bride might decide she doesn’t like how the jewelry looks with the bridal attire.
When it is time to prepare the bridesmaid jewelry gifts for your bridal party you can get creative. Have the gift bags personalized and include a note declaring how honored you are to have each of them be a part of your special wedding day. The girls will love the gifts and you will feel proud for giving them

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set Personalized Colored Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Jewelry Set
Friendship Earrings & Necklace Set
Colored Pearl & Crystal Double Strand Earring & Necklace Set

Dazzle every evening with this eye-catching Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Duo. This sterling silver-plated set features Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls to create a simplistic drama. All colors come with white pearls except chocolate, which comes with ivory pearls. Set includes pierced earrings and an adjustable necklace. Available in raspberry, green, lavender, garnet, chocolate and black. (Shown in lavender)

Size: Necklace measures 16"-18 inches. Pierced earrings measure 1/2 inch.
Materials: Sterling silver-plated setting, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.

Give your friends a gift that they will truly treasure with our Friendship Earrings & Necklace Set. This sterling silver-plated earrings and necklace set feature a beautiful combination of Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. With the ability to apply free personalization, this dynamic duo will become a completely unique gift to each individual.

Set includes pierced earrings and an adjustable necklace. Available in crystal, pink, light amethyst, blue and green. Includes a free organza gift pouch.

Double strands of illusion wire with colored pearls & crystals dancing along the 16" necklace create a layered look that is simply elegant. The earring is available in a eurowire only. Available in 12 vibrant colors: White, Champagne, Raspberry, Baby Blue, Hematite, Lavender, Purple Passion, Berry Blue, Sage Green, Blush Pink, and Burgundy.

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